Office Supplies Are Hot Too

Is it hot where you are? Well, of course it’s hot – it’s summer time! Nobody has to tell you not to leave your pets or children in a closed car. A car parked in direct sunlight on a 72˚ day can reach a temperature of 119˚ in an hour! So leave the pets at home and bring the kids into the Postal Connections store with you when you shop for office supplies.

And when you get back to your home office, unload the children and the office supplies quickly. Here’s why…

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Heat Is Bad For Everything You Just Bought

Office Supplies

Bottled Water – Did you replenish your supply of bottled water when you picked up more printer paper? Sure, the water keeps you cool, but if you leave it in the car, the plastic degrades in extreme heat and can leach potentially dangerous chemicals like BPA into your refreshing drink. Take the water indoors and put it in the fridge.

Phones, Tablets, and Laptops – Did you come in here to check for batteries, cords, or other ‘tech’ stuff? Thank you – we’re glad you’re here! Now go back to the parking lot and bring that IT stuff in here with you. Read the manual – leaving your device in direct sunlight can have damaging consequences to the battery, especially if it has a lithium-ion battery. According to Apple, temperatures higher than 95˚ can irreversibly damage the battery capacity of your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

Chocolate – That chocolate bar you plan to snack on while typing your reports? A word to the wise – chocolate has a melting point of 79˚. Unload the car quickly!

Crayons – Yes, we have crayons. No, they are not heat-proof. According to Crayola, crayons begin to soften at 105˚ and will liquefy at temperatures above 120˚. So take the new crayons indoors immediately with the kiddos.

Reading Glasses and Sunglasses – Whether you bought a pair of ‘cheaters’ here at Postal Connections or have an expensive pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses, it’s not a good idea to leave a spare pair in your car. Excessive heat can distort the frames, damaging the fit and function, and can even warp the acrylic lenses.

Anyway, it’s cool inside at Postal Connections. Every store has air-conditioning. Find the store nearest you, c’mon in to find all the office supplies you need!

It’s Cool Inside! Come see us real soon at Postal Connections!