Packing & Shipping for Your Home-Based Business

Are you an artist who creates prints or paintings? Perhaps you design and manufacture clever masks or baby clothes from home. Or maybe you scour the yard sales for unique items for your online Etsy store. You need packing and shipping to get your products to your customer.

Packing & Shipping for Order Fulfillment

People have embraced online shopping whole-heartedly. In fact, online spending in June of 2020 was 76% HIGHER than it was in June of 2019. And it continues to go up.

That’s good news for you the seller, but a dilemma for you the shipper.

Thanks to Amazon and other giant internet retailers, many shoppers have become accustomed to free shipping. They want free shipping and will abandon their online shopping carts if the vendor does not offer free shipping.

Only you can determine if your prices are set at a level that will enable you to make a profit and absorb the cost of this ‘free’ service.

Packing & Shipping for Home-Based Business | Un-boxing

Un-Boxing & Ways to Offer ‘Free’ Shipping

‘Free’ shipping isn’t really free, of course. The shipper still pays for it. Yet, your customer always wants to know how to save money. Here’s how to offer the buyer more ‘bang’ for his buck…

  • What if you offered FREE shipping when the customer met a certain dollar amount? This would encourage them to buy more of your items in order to meet the minimum.
  • Un-boxing videos! Crazy as this sounds, people now post videos of themselves un-boxing their purchases. You can enhance their un-boxing experience by wrapping their goods in decorative paper, adding a hand-written note, or mingling packs of colorful Post-Its or pens into their package.

On your website, show a sample video of a thrilled customer unwrapping a package from you. It will seal the deal. And social-media videos are a plus for you, because the happy customer is talking about your great service.

Postal Connections Can Help You with All Your Shipping and Packing Needs

Bring those packages to conveniently-located Postal Connections Service Center to be professionally packed and shipped. Every Postal Connections Service Center is an approved shipper for FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL plus some territory specific shippers. We also offer First Class stamps, Priority Mail, Express Mail, package tracking, and private mailbox services too.

And, to create the ultimate un-boxing experience, we offer colorful note cards, festive papers, pens, sticky-notes, and all kinds of fun gift items.

Send it with confidence and ship it with safety when you make Postal Connections the preferred packing & shipping service for your home-based business.