Postal Connections and Customer Service

Customer service is everything. Here are a couple of examples:

The Unfriendly

“Recently, I was in a retail store purchasing a large ticket item. The order taker gave the impression she was being put upon when the order was taken. However, it took 20 minutes to fill and no other customer was in the store. The color ended up wrong, the original service person was not available, and the one that was there said she could not wait on me. The store manager walked by when I was waiting and did not pause or even cast a glance my way. I realized that this was the reason for the unfriendly service people.” Anna W.

The Unresponsive

A grocery delivery startup had impressed at least one customer. Not only did he patronize the service, he wanted to help the fledgling enterprise. So, he sent in suggestions on ways to fix operational snafus he noticed.

Unfortunately, the responses the well-intentioned customer received were promotional emails trying to get him to order more frequently! The customer felt the company wanted to avoid a real relationship with him and severely reduced his orders from the e-service.

The Good Customer Service

In a store not unlike a Postal Connections of America, a customer came in with an urgent request to notarize some documents for a house sale taking place the very next day in a place 1,200 miles away.

Not only was the employee courteous and empathetic, she jumped right into action and notarized the documents and assisted with choosing the best way to ship the docs so they arrived on time to their destination the next day.

You might think the last example was an employee just doing her job. True, but it was the way she did it, professionally and with empathy for the customer’s situation that resonated. It’s what builds customer loyalty. Happy customers come back again and again…and that patron did too. She returned anytime she needed notary or any of the other business services offered at this location.

Postal Connections Vero Beach, FL and Customer Service

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We are built on good customer service, all the time. We strive to exceed customer expectations always.

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