What is iPostal?

Want to completely access and control your mail from anywhere? A new technology called digital mailbox services has made that possible. The digital mail software and technology allows anyone including businesses, to track and manage mail and parcels online or from mobile devices 24/7, from anywhere, at any time.


Expats, students on the go, frequent travelers, RVers, boaters, second or multiple home owners or those managing mail for others like an elderly parent often find that this option fits right into their lifestyle and accommodates their need for control.

If you rent a Postal Box, you will love not visiting it to know if mail is received. iPostal customers receive automated email alerts when new mail comes in. Documents can be scanned to PDF files for immediate viewing or printing, can digitally store scanned documents such as bills or discard unwanted items effortlessly.


In addition to the above, customers can forward mail to several addresses, schedule shipments, choose a carrier and a level of service. Checks can even be deposited into bank accounts! After scanning, physical mail and packages get locked in a secure storage onsite until a decision is made on what to do with them.

Many Postal Connections of America (PCA) offer the iPostal service, making their business even more accommodating to the community residents and small businesses PCA stores serve. Just contact the PCA store closest to your location for more information on how iPostal can help you manage your life.

About Postal Connections

Postal Connections of America is a long-established franchise operation. Stores are located in many parts of the US. Make sure you contact your local PCA store about what you need. They just might have it for you!

For more information on Postal Connections of American, go to www.postalconnections.com.